Pre-school Activities

At White Petals Preschool, we believe in providing a well-rounded and engaging learning experience for our young learners. Our carefully crafted activities are designed to foster cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development while nurturing a love for learning. Here's a glimpse of some of the activities your child will enjoy

  • Immerse your child in the magical world of storytelling. Our teachers bring stories to life, encouraging active listening, imagination, and language development

  • Through interactive games and puzzles, children embark on math adventures. Counting, sorting, and pattern recognition activities develop early math skills while making learning enjoyable

  • Children express themselves through various art mediums like painting, drawing, and sculpting. This hands-on creativity boosts fine motor skills, encourages self-expression, and nurtures artistic talents

Together, we play, learn and grow; a motto focused on early childhood development!

Our diverse range of activities ensures that each child's unique interests and learning style are catered to. We strive to create an environment where children are excited to explore, learn, and grow, all while building a strong foundation for their educational journey.

Preschool Activities

Early childhood development plays a crucial role in preparing children for life. The Little Millennium preschool curriculum has been designed to ensure steady growth and holistic development of 2–6-year old. This constitutes of various preschool activities that are-

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Together, we play, learn and grow; a motto focused on early childhood development!

All the preschool activities are focused on bringing out the best in your child. Here are some of the most enjoyable activities we organize for our children at Little Millennium:

  • Combine storytelling with yoga poses. As a story unfolds, children perform poses that correspond to the characters or events in the story

  • Guided by a teacher, children embark on a yoga adventure inspired by nature

  • Engage children with interactive yoga games like "Yoga Simon Says" or "Yoga Memory." These games enhance concentration, memory, and physical activity

  • Guide children through a calming visualization exercise. Using gentle rain sounds and imagery, they'll learn to relax their bodies, minds, and imaginations, fostering a sense of tranquility

  • Invite children to lie down and imagine they're watching clouds go by. Encourage deep, calming breaths during this relaxation activity.

Kids Marathon

At White Petals Preschool, our Kids' Marathon event reflects our commitment to providing a well-rounded and enriching experience for our young learners. Through this event, we inspire a love for movement, teamwork, and the joy of accomplishing challenges.

  • The event begins with a lively warm-up session led by our experienced instructors. Children engage in dynamic stretches, fun dance moves, and energetic exercises to prepare their bodies for the activities ahead

  • Kids form teams and participate in a relay race, passing a baton to their teammates. This fosters teamwork, cooperation, and friendly competition in a supportive environment.

  • The event encourages children to engage in physical activities that contribute to their overall health and well-being.



At White Petals Preschool, we take pride in providing a safe, stimulating, and child-friendly environment that supports the growth and development of your child. Our thoughtfully designed infrastructure is tailored to meet the unique needs of preschoolers, ensuring they have a comfortable and enriching learning experience..

At White Petals Preschool, we are committed to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment that supports your child's holistic development. Our infrastructure is designed to inspire learning, foster creativity, and ensure the safety and well-being of every child in our care.